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Our mission is to deliver world-class international education through the provision of curricula, assessment and services. We are committed to extending access to the benefits of high-quality education and our programmes and qualifications develop successful learners and productive citizens.

Pre-Primary (Age 3-6)

Play is essential to growth, for through play the child develops security, resourcefulness, imagination, initiative, social awareness, cultural heritage, physical well-being. Therefore the curriculum of our pre-primary school consists of enriched play experiences in a favourable environment with wonderful resources and guided by competent teachers.


The aim of the primary school phases is to help the child develop his full potential intellectually, socially, morally and emotionally. We want children to feel at ease with themselves and we believe that self-esteem, through nurturing the individual’s needs, is the foundation for your child’s future learning development and social emotional well-being.

High School (Grade 8-12)

An international syllabus compiled by the University of Cambridge in England is followed at the Kroonstad Academy and from Grade 8 onwards, tuition in only followed in English. Our mission is to guide students to become productive and contributing members of society. In a safe and caring environment, the Academy will provide a strong academic and co-curricular program.